Limiting Beliefs

Photo by Gloria Cretu on Unsplash

What is a higher perspective on limiting beliefs? Oh, wondrous one, why would you ever have such thoughts? Such ideas? Why the term ‘limiting beliefs’ is in itself a limiting belief. Why not consider these as room for growth? A baseline? A starting point, or a point of contrast? If you do not know where… Continue reading Limiting Beliefs


This morning I thought about channelling a message about the importance of light in our lives; I was thinking along the lines of sunlight but the message that came through has a slightly different interpretation of the meaning of light. I hope you enjoy it and that it speaks to you. Could you tell me… Continue reading Light


Money, money, money makes your head spin and the world go around, the world go around. And yet it is nought more than yourselves and your thoughts, your beliefs. For how can money enter your life if you believe you have none or not enough? Not enough, never enough, always a lack, always a loss… Continue reading Money


Time is something that we all know and learn about in school, that tricky knack of learning how to tell the time. Below are two very different interpretations of this all-important element to our daily lives. 25 March 2023 Watch me, goad me, find me fast, find me slow. See my hands that move in… Continue reading Time

First Meeting

2nd March 2022 Descend dearest ones, into that space in you that needs no introduction for it is you; you through and through.  Let this place of peace grow and grow till it fills all of you and you know the feelings of bliss, of love.  Come, join us in our words of light and… Continue reading First Meeting