Money, money, money makes your head spin and the world go around, the world go around. And yet it is nought more than yourselves and your thoughts, your beliefs. For how can money enter your life if you believe you have none or not enough? Not enough, never enough, always a lack, always a loss when you add up the balance sheets of your life. Must it always be so? Rejoice the day money arrives into your life for it is your friend to be welcomed and feted at every occasion it appears – like your dearest friend, your dearest friend. Make way and make the way clear for the arrival, the celebrated arrival of this dear friend – your ally. Make way, make space and celebrate in gratitude and love when money arrives in your life and be sure that you are celebrating yourself and your own magnificence on the glorious day money comes into your life. Be so and be sure that money is none other than an energy, an energy of love for you created by yourself to reflect your life and ways and thoughts. Can money visit when you feel your lack, your less worth? Can money be spent to indulge yourself when you feel the guilt of doing so? Invite money into your life and receive it in love, calmness and gratitude – for how else would you receive a friend other than in love? In love. Let it be so that money is always welcomed and loved and treasured for it is but a small reflection of the love you have for yourself, your magnificent self. Adore the creation that you are, rising day by day, and wonder not if money will grace your life – for it will and know this to be the truth; the divine truth of who you are and what you may create this day forth. In light and love and glory, we salute you. Amen. Blessings be and blessings have this day forth. Amen.

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