Time is something that we all know and learn about in school, that tricky knack of learning how to tell the time. Below are two very different interpretations of this all-important element to our daily lives.

25 March 2023

Watch me, goad me, find me fast, find me slow. See my hands that move in your Earthly fashion to fool you into watching how I come and go, come and go; for nought is further from the truth. You see me as your friend, your enemy, the one you watch, treasure, pray to or curse. Why so? Am I not you? Are you not the one rushing or dawdling? Are you not your days and the time you fill them with? Are you not the power of the Universe – in fact the very Universe itself? Therefore I say treasure me, dance with me, hold me close and know that we are one; the oneness of Divinity.  Let it be so that you see yourself in your true glory and one with everything, for you are everything – including time. Be sure that this is so and be merry in the time we spend together for this is but a reflection of who you are, your might and glory, now and forever. Amen.

28 March 2023

Divine being, divine beings, know there is a season to everything, a time, a moment when all rights and wrongs meet to dissolve into nothing; a glorious nothing. In the Universal way of things, your time may come and go, come and go, disappear into a nothingness, a void if you will, for time will right all wrongs and heal all hearts – heal all hearts. For in that nothingness, that majestic void, echoes the voice and sentiment of time; your servant and steward. Let it serve you well in all your needs and desires, command that it be so that time may be your aid and ally in all that you do and would do.

Think of time as your friend and not your foe, that it may slow for you to see and understand the goodness in your life, your life of lives. Be not wanton in your use of time, glory in the divinely given moments of silence, of stillness and feast your senses on the delights of these moments, these immeasurable moments, that stretch as far as your imagination can see and take you. Let it be so that you live your life and days in the goodness of time and all its gifts. Revel in its delights that show themselves to you as night and day and the passing of the seasons in all their glories and your life in its procession of days for your use and convenience. Let time be your ally, your glorious ally this day forth. Amen.

Photograph by Nathan-Dumlao on Unsplash.