On This Day of Days

If you are drawn to this book, there is a reason.

Your heart and soul are calling in the beauty, love and wisdom of these daily and divinely channelled messages from the Universe for you. Find the revelations about the truth of who you are and the truth of your life within these loving, guiding words.

Each page reveals its light, secrets and thoughts for you to ponder on and consider in peace and stillness; for you to use this time and space to create your own connection with the words, meanings and your divine self.

Carefully chosen from Diary of a Scribe to the Universe: A Cosmic Accord, this book has been crafted with a heartfelt desire that these words will ignite love and clarity in your life to inspire a greater, personal understanding of your divine reality.

Your choice now is how to use this book, how to follow the inspiration and your heart’s desires. Will you choose:

  • Mindfulness while colouring the sacred geometric designs?
  • A divinely inspired personal journal?
  • A heartfelt gratitude journal?
  • Meditating on a chosen quote for its deeper revelations?
  • Creating your own powerful, personal affirmations using the daily sacred words?

Whether through art, writing or meditation, use this space to create a divinely inspired expression of who you are. Welcome this opportunity to embark on an adventure into the realms of your imagination to reveal feelings, emotions and love – and step into your extraordinary self.

‘Turn the page, turn the day, turn the meaning. All would seem to change, to be different but know that the truth of who you are remains a constant; one of beauty, divine beauty. And so, as the days come and go and time may seem to pass, know that your constant is your divine beauty and essence. Be not spellbound by these humble words for they are nought in comparison to your own magnificence. Know this and be well, be blessed and be joyous this day forth. Amen. Yahvay.’