Art with the Universe My Cosmic Canvas

Do you feel inspired to draw, design, or just doodle? To get creative with shapes and colours? Perhaps the Universe is calling you to a deeper connection and union expressed through your art.

This art book was designed especially for you, so you may start your own personal journey of discovery through channelled art. Art with the Universe gives you tips on how to get started, how to connect with the Spirit world, and express yourself in partnership with the Universe.

‘Lines, shapes, colours all flow seemingly with joy and no sense. Do not judge but enjoy the creation that your hand and heart are guided to share. Stay in awe at the magic of your creation and know that we stand in awe of your audaciousness and courage, and your ability to feel, to sense the magic of creation that you guide onto your page. Let love express itself through you and for you as you create in your own space and time. So mote it be. In love, light and sparkles to you, this day forth, Yahvay’.