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Diary of a Scribe to the Universe

An amazing channeled work of deep truth and profound revelations. I highly recommend this gem by Lesley M. Kaye and Yahvay – their words will set your soul free and light a fire of hope deep within your heart, as they show you exactly how to transcend the very illusions of time and space to master the reality of your life, your nature and powers.

Mike Dooley, NY Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities

Diary of a Scribe to the Universe is a masterfully channeled book of beautiful, profound wisdom that can be applied in one’s life to experience deep, meaningful transformation. Lesley and Yahvay present the answers to life’s ultimate questions so that any reader can discover their truth, live their purpose, and create a life they love. This extraordinary book is a gift to the world. I highly recommend it to everyone who is ready to awaken to new levels of potential, freedom, joy, and wellbeing!”

Sara Landon, best-selling author of The Wisdom of The Council

What would you ask God if you had the opportunity? We have all thought about how we would answer that question. This book details what happened when someone did have that opportunity and embraced it fully, resulting in a work that is challenging and inspirational in equal measure. I approached the book with an open mind, interested in a new interpretation of the relationship between human beings and the universe and I was not disappointed. The author’s “conversations” were so well written I felt as though I were there at the table with her. The concepts touched upon are huge and to some extent incomprehensible but the author guides us through them and helps us to get some answers to questions that are relevant to today’s world and more important than ever at this difficult time for mankind. The book made me feel more “open” to spiritual matters and more willing to explore them. Through it, I was able to reflect peacefully and deeply upon the words and to feel a true connection to the universe and the energy which lives in us all. The memory of this book has stayed with me and made me think about the world in a new and different way. Lesley M. Kaye has a connection to the wisdom of the universe which she has shared with us all and which is now available for all who care to listen.

L. Webster, England.

Diary of a Scribe to the Universe is a lovely demonstration of what is available to each and every one of us if we choose! So many sincere questions asked and so many loving answers given. Thank you, lovely Lesley M. Kaye, for inviting us on your journey. It is an honour to travel with you!

Petra, Sweden

Lesley M. Kaye is a beautiful and gentle soul who has written a wonderful and inspirational book with her guide in her daily messages as a scribe. Pour yourself a cup of tea and bask in this soulful and uplifting book. It will change your life forevermore.

Carole Leonardo, Award Winning Author of 100 Pounds of Grief: find the blessings and hidden treasures that are buried under your layers of sorrows

Diary of a Scribe to the Universe will touch the reader’s heart. It will change the way the world is seen and shine onto it the brightest and most beautiful light. It also allows us as readers, to consider and reconsider the way that we perceive life. There is a beautiful progression of opening up and allowing, as Lesley M. Kaye asks questions that are foremost in many of our minds. And in the answers from Yahvay, we find a sense that all is perfect and all is well.

Lorraine Beddington, Channeled Messages of Peace and Love.

I loved reading Diary of a Scribe to the Universe, it is so easy to read.  The questions cover a large spectrum of subjects and are well thought out, with the answers giving the reader a better understanding on life. It’s a great book for someone who is starting on their awakening journey and realizes there is more to life. Or for people who are already on their journey, who have questions about The Universe or life and are looking for answers; this book has the answers. I highly recommend this book to whoever is looking for answers on life and the unseen world, you won’t be disappointed. 

Rosemary Leach – Crystal Whisperer – True Purpose – New Zealand.

Diary of a Scribe to the Universe is a masterpiece of delving into the realms of ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Why are life and the world as they seem?’. Lesley M. Kaye and Yahvay create a possibility for you to open your heart and mind to an inner standing and perspective from a Higher Intelligence on many facets of life and the world, both physical and spiritual. This empowers you, at a Soul level, to awaken to the remembrance of many Truths and the Oneness of All.
Staci Petersen Open Heart Happy Heart

 We are taken on a heartfelt and genuine journey of developing and nurturing a relationship with Spirit as we embark upon reading Diary of a Scribe to the Universe. We get to partake in the author’s exploration to learn more about our world and nature of reality as she asks the questions that we’re all curious about while learning to trust and have faith in the wisdom received. Some answers may challenge the reader’s world view, and so I invite one to read it with an open heart and open mind while allowing for the possibility of expansion through the loving energy. I fully encourage the reader to accept the invitation to take up the mantle of Scribe for yourself, for as a Conscious Channel, I can attest to the profound and life-changing impact of connecting to the wisdom of Spirit. Enjoy!~ Joanne Cary Conscious Channel, Teacher of Being & Mindset Coach

The very name of this book tells you what it is all about! The questions that Lesley M. Kaye (the Scribe to the Universe) has asked and the answers she has received, are both profound and full of wisdom that all of us can benefit from. This is all imparted with love and understanding of who we are as humans on this planet Earth, and where we are going. I loved this book, it reconfirmed so many concepts that my team of guides brings forth as well.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that is interested in delving deeper into the hows and whys of this journey we are all on in this lifetime.

Suchi Reddy Mind-set Coach and Channeler of the Guides.

This channelled co-creation between Lesley M. Kaye and Yahvay takes the reader on many journeys. There are moments of simplicity and pure joy as we are beautifully reminded to let our sparkle sparkle and to share our gifts with each other, as we are all one; there are moments of curiosity and deep reflection as universal questions are asked of and answered by infinite intelligence. Sharing this private experience with Lesley as it unfolds and receiving her encouragement to try our own hand at scribing add a personal human touch to this broader perspective narrative. I cannot recommend enough for you to delve into this diary and realize what is possible for yourself.

Sheila Williams, Transformational Mindset Coach, Sheila Williams Coaching

I loved reading Diary of a Scribe to the Universe – it felt as though I was on the journey with Lesley M. Kaye day by day as she allowed the reader into her personal project of channeling written guidance from a beautiful being of light who seeks to assist humanity through its current expansion of consciousness, in addition to channeling the wisdom of her higher self.  Many interesting topics are covered regarding the nature of life and energy, but the most fascinating and touching aspect for me was reading about Lesley’s personal journey in and around the channeling project, and how much she changed and benefitted from start to finish.  She includes personal stories from her life that make us see the potential benefit of doing this type of exploration.  It was beautiful to read, with a lot of wisdom imparted.  Thank you, Lesley, for sharing this work with the world. 

Tal Levitt, Esq. Creator, Blue Angel Meditation

“In this beautiful, intimate, and sometimes searing memoir, Lesley chronicles her months-long communion with the Divine as she explores her role as ‘Scribe to the Universe’. Her journey is personal, poignant, surprising, and, at times, jolting as her discourse lays bare the cost to us all when humans, consciously or unconsciously, act from a place of not-love. The Divine assessment detailed within these pages is a wake-up call for every human seeking to live in a more peaceful world.”

Esther Piszczek, Eternal Possibility,


My Daily Dose of Positivity

I love this book! “On This Day of Days” is the perfect way to get inspiration every single day. There are multiple ways to receive inspiration. Not only are the messages captivating and loving, but the book also gives you space to write your own thoughts and feelings. It can also be used as an adult coloring book with colored pencils – just another way to relax and unwind as you let the messages soak in.
This will be a perfect holiday gift for anyone that wants a fresh start at the new year.

Julie Wainer,