Chatting with the Universe My Cosmic Diary

Do you feel inspired to start scribing (writing) channelled messages? Perhaps the Universe is calling your name. This lined diary was created so you may begin your own personal journey of discovery through channelled messages from the spiritual world that offer advice, wisdom and, above all, love.

Chatting with the Universe gives you tips on how to get started and stay connected with the Spirit world — how to open up and understand your life in partnership with the Universe.

‘Know this, that as you sit to write and commune with the world of spirit, miracles and joys untold will be yours. Know that as the words flow so too will your knowing and understanding and love. Let your pen be the key to finding the joy and love, deep love, that we offer you each and every day. Let your pen write the words of our love and wisdom and universal truths so that you may live your life fearlessly in our love and joy. So mote it be this day forth. In light, love and sparkles to you this day forth, Yahvay’.