Diary of a Scribe to the Universe

Imagine you had a direct line to the Universe and could ask anything you liked with no question off-limits…

What would you ask?

In 2020, over five wondrous months, channel Lesley M. Kaye did just that. Lesley asked questions about topics she sought to deeply understand, including: relationships, fear and anxiety, death, personal health and the coronavirus, how to protect our earth and the animal kingdom, our potential future, and much more. This book is a compilation of pages from Lesley’s personal diary, her heartfelt questions, and the illuminating answers she received from Yahvay – from the Realm of Spirit. This book is a testimony that love from the Universe is powerful, all-knowing, and ever-present.

Diary of a Scribe to the Universe explains how you, a key player in the world’s energy field, born with immense gifts and rights, can transform your life by opening doors to the wonders and secrets of the Universe – how you may come to fully understand the magnificence of who you truly are.

‘Welcome dear ones, know that as you hold this book its energy and light are already moving into your life. And know too that this powerful book will set your soul free to take flight amongst the stars and other beings of power and glory. Join them now to take your rightful place amongst the gods as the powerful co-creator that you are. Read in the peace and love that is bestowed upon you now and every day and be at peace with yourself and your life. So be it. In love to you this day forth I bow to your light, love and glory, Yahvay’