Dreams and Pictures in my mind

I find that a word or a situation can suddenly invoke an image or picture in my mind which may also be accompanied by words or even the first lines of a poem. Take for example; ‘Footsteps, footsteps in the snow, where they go you’ll never know.’ This little ditty came to accompany the image of a dusky winter scape where mountains rose in glorious height to cradle footsteps in the snow leading off to a vague distance. The full meaning became clear much later with further words to clarify how in life we may follow other people’s footsteps without fully understanding where we are going or even why we are moving forward in that direction.

Dreams come and go, are visible and then not. They have messages or are silent, are clear or seemingly incomprehensible; and yet there is a meaning to them all if we can unthread the symbols, the situation, the characters and the setting. I have found that often colours are important, especially those dreams that are more memorable because they are in black and white, so I wake up knowing that there is an important meaning to that dream and what it showed me.

You may have referred to dream interpretation books to understand the language of your own dreams and found pages of traditional meanings. Whilst these may be useful, the real key to deciphering this complex language is you. You will know what each person, object or situation means and you will have that sense of ‘Yes, that’s right’ when you discover the meaning behind the symbols. When you are considering these ‘symbols’ what is the first word that comes to mind when you think about each one? That is often the correct meaning. One way to increase your memory and understanding of your dreams is to keep a diary of them and make a note of any details you can remember. This way you may find that you remember more of your dreams with a clearer understanding of them. Some dreams, however, may refer to a future situation or events and so, even if the meanings are clear, they still will not make sense in your present life. The use of puns is another feature of dreams, this can sometimes take a while to understand but once you find the pun, the play on words, your dream will take on another level of meaning.

A complex language indeed, but one that is fascinating and deeply rewarding to study and understand.

Photograph by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash