This morning I thought about channelling a message about the importance of light in our lives; I was thinking along the lines of sunlight but the message that came through has a slightly different interpretation of the meaning of light. I hope you enjoy it and that it speaks to you.

Could you tell me about light and why it’s so important to us in our daily lives?

To be love you must first feel love. To feel love you must first be love, a magnificent tower of love that shines with all the splendour and light of the Universe, for it is the very Universe. Play now, play at being the love that you are, that you all are. For knowing your true essence builds the Universe, builds the very essence of all that is. Shine your light, shine your love and know it is noted and known in the farthest reaches of all that is; all that is, was and ever will be in this glorious, this most glorious moment, that is now. For as you shine others stand in your light, your brilliance and feel it and know it in their core for what it is. Be so, shine that others may stand in your light, your brilliance to hence lose their shadows, their own personal clouds of darkness that carry and hang on their hearts in heaviness, a heaviness that weighs down their lives and dampens their joy in the everyday miracles of their lives. Thus, let your light and love shine and radiate the world over. Let your love and light shine and radiate the world over, for then, and only then, will light and love be restored to the world and your home of planet Earth; the gem of the Universe that sparkles more and more day by day. So mote it be this day forth. Amen. We leave you in love and peace and adoration for who you are and the sacred words you share with all who may listen. Amen. So mote it be.

Picture by Rinck Content Studios on Unsplash.