Limiting Beliefs

Photo by Gloria Cretu on Unsplash

What is a higher perspective on limiting beliefs?

Oh, wondrous one, why would you ever have such thoughts? Such ideas? Why the term ‘limiting beliefs’ is in itself a limiting belief. Why not consider these as room for growth? A baseline? A starting point, or a point of contrast? If you do not know where you came from, where you started, how will you understand how far you have come? – if that need be measured at all. Understand that all is well, all is divine and all is love. Accept what you would change and know that all is perfect – including yourself. Why gaze only at the stars when you find yourself in the midst of an exotic, luxurious garden brimming with beauty? Love the garden, love the stars and know all is truly well, all is truly wonderful and bountiful in the garden of love you now find yourself in. Be joyous in every step you take and with every thought you think and be glad; be glad that you are here on Earth at this monumental time of change – its pivotal time of change. Be the Beacon that you are to spread the light and love for all to feel and share, and do what brings you joy, dearest one; for we watch from afar and feel your every emotion. Let us be with you in your moments of joy that we may fly together. And let us be with you in your moments of not-joy; the moments of darkness when you search for the gift, the light, in those moments of heavy emotions that would drain you and drag you down. Resist, be buoyant and know the truth, the light is always there and always welcomes you with open arms in love and delight at being united once more.

In light and love we leave you with our lingering words, thoughts and feelings. Amen. Amen, and Amen. Blessings be and blessings have, dearest one. The Collective. Thank you.