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Customer Reviews for Diary of a Scribe to the Universe A Cosmic Accord

What would you ask God if you had the opportunity? We have all thought about how we would answer that question. This book details what happened when someone did have that opportunity and embraced it fully, resulting in a work which is challenging and inspirational in equal measure. I approached the book with an open mind, interested in a new interpretation of the relationship between human beings and the universe and I was not disappointed. The author’s “conversations” were so well written I felt as though I were there at the table with her. The concepts touched upon are huge and to some extent incomprehensible but the author guides us through them and helps us to get some answers to questions which are relevant to today’s world and more important than ever at this difficult time for mankind. The book made me feel more “open” to spiritual matters and more willing to explore them. Through it, I was able to reflect peacefully and deeply upon the words and to feel a true connection to the universe and the energy which lives in us all. The memory of this book has stayed with me and made me think about the world in a new and different way. Lesley M. Kaye has a connection to the wisdom of the universe which she has shared with us all and which is now available for all who care to listen.

L. Webster.